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Tomaso Vercellotti is the inventor of Piezosurgery®, as well as the innovator of many clinical procedures involving piezoelectric bone surgery. Mectron’s Piezosurgery® machine is very efficient and they have been at the forefront of innovation for this technology. Mectron has the most complete repertoire of innovative tips for a wide array of surgical procedures. The staff and support team are very professional and helpful.

Dr. Homa Zadeh (Woodland Hills, California)

The incorporation of Piezosurgery® into both my private practice and Institute over the past four years has indeed resulted in a distinct paradigm shift with all of my bone grafting protocols. This exciting technology has afforded me the ability to fine tune and finesse all bone related surgery including donor and recipient site preparation for bone grafting and implant placement, as well as extraction site management and implant removal.

Dr. Michael A. Pikos (Trinity, Florida)

The Piezosurgery® unit has allowed me to perform very precise and minimally invasive procedures for my patients and it out-performs any of the other Piezo units. This is the standard and original with substantial documentation and research behind it.

Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic (Los Angeles, California)

What would you use in your mouth? The gold standard, impeccably manufactured, grounded in science, and well-documented in the literature; or something else that is “just as good” The answer is clear. You would utilize Piezosurgery®. Don’t our patients, who place their trust in us, deserve the same? There is no other alternative.

Dr. Paul Fugazzotto (Milton, Massachusetts)

I have been using Piezosurgery® in my OMS practice for 5 years. Piezosurgery® provides a new level of precision, efficiency and safety in surgical treatment. Complicated procedures including Sinus Grafting, Ridge Expansion and Nerve Repositioning can be performed with less stress and have an expanded role in my practice. The speed of the unit is impressive, reducing operative time and patient discomfort.

Dr. Daniel R. Cullum (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho)

I strongly endorse the Piezosurgery® device. I have used it extensively in my practice for the last six years. Could not do a sinus lift without it now!

Dr. Anastasia Kelekis-Cholakis (Winnipeg, Canada)

A friend’s daughter recently came to me to have an impacted super numeral tooth removed. Upon taking a panorex radiograph, I discovered it was below the apex of the pre-molar and below the mandibular inferior alveolar canal. To my surprise, the CT showed it was against the lingual plate. I had to reflect the lingual tissue and mylohyoid muscle to gain access to the site. Without my Piezosurgery® machine the uncovery and extraction of this bony impaction could have been potentially life threatening. It gave me great peace of mind that I could work in the floor of the mouth without risk of cutting the lingual artery or inferior alveolar nerve. The Piezosurgery® unit paid for itself 100 times over that day. It’s also great for osteotomies when preparing bone blocks. No longer do I have to green stick fracture a thick cortical plate to harvest the bone. Instead, a very predictable volume of bone and a more atraumatic procedure for the patient is found when using this device.

Dr. Carl E. Misch (Beverly Hills, Michigan)

The Piezosurgery® machine is a multi-purpose unit that allowed me to enjoy surgery stress-free in Periodontics, implant dentistry, ridge augmentation and extractions. Nowadays, the goals of our treatment are very challenging, precision and finesse are key elements for achieving these goals. Piezosurgery® has been a great tool to help me be on the cutting edge.

Dr. Edgard El Chaar (New York, New York)

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, I remove a lot of teeth and do a lot of bone reconstructive surgery. Using Piezosurgery® makes it so much easier for patients to go through those procedures. Being more gentle with both the teeth and the hard tissue, Piezosurgery® makes patients heal better with less swelling and less trauma, so that they get a much more beneficial result.

Dr. Joel L. Rosenlicht (Manchester, Connecticut)

I use Piezosurgery® for almost all surgical procedures; it reduces my surgical stress while improving patient outcomes. This equals fun for me and it is evidence-based.

Dr. Robert Levine (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The technology of the Piezosurgery® unit has fundamentally changed several elements of my practice. The advantages provided by this single piece of equipment during extractions, bone contouring, bone grafting and implant placement have made the Piezosurgery® unit an essential component for my practice.

Dr. Larry Mulvaney (Niles, Illinois)

I have enjoyed using the Piezosurgery® unit. It has allowed me to perform surgical procedures like ridge splitting and fine osteotomies with greater ease and safety. It has also allowed me to place implants closer to the IAN without damaging the nerve. I would highly recommend it to any surgeon who places implants on a regular basis.

Dr. Robert Mraule (Salinas, California)